Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Petition for Affordable Housing at Parcel 42!

As we mentioned in last week's post, one significant struggle over the use of public property in addition to Franklin centers around Parcel 42, at 7ths St and Rhode Island Ave NW.  This land was promised as affordable housing for families making less than $50,000/year, but now the city seems to have its eye on luxury housing development.

Today, July 26th, developers submit proposals to the city government to develop the controversial Parcel 42.

In response, the incredible organizers at ONE DC have created a new petition that, when signed, will deliver a copy of our demands directly to the three developers bidding on Parcel 42 and the city officials most responsible for this development.   

Click here and sign today -  

Now is the time to let the government and developers know that we are not only aware of what is happening, but are mobilized and demanding our voices be heard and respected concerning the development of public land in our own communities.  Much like Franklin, this campaign is about whether the city will use what it owns in order to serve community needs, or if low-income residents will be squeezed out while developers profit on developments for wealthier residents.

Please support ONE DC in demanding that development on Parcel 42 be halted until the resources and community involvement needed to develop fully affordable housing is realized.

Following this flood of emails, ONE DC will organizing meetings with developers and officials and bringing the full list of signatures from our primary petition.  The campaign will also enter its second phase as we seek to mobilize more political power and grassroots actions.

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