Monday, July 9, 2012

Trial Day One: Mid-day update

The trial has started slowly, but the support was strong and clearly felt.  This morning, about twenty people gathered outside the courthouse before the trial.  Several passersby expressed their support, some of whom were familiar with the history of Franklin.

Inside the courtroom, the judge went through a series of preliminary motions, interspersed with business related to other cases.  About twenty supporters were in the courtroom--many of them different individuals from those who were outside the court in the morning and then had to go to work.  The initial stages of jury selection began a bit after noon, and the judge gave a few instructions and then broke for lunch.  She pointed out that hungry an unhappy jurors were not in anyone's interest--and we agree!  Now that lunch is over, jury selection is moving forward.

Thanks to all for the continued support!  We'll keep you in the loop on what's going on.  The case is sure to go into tomorrow, and could well continue into Wednesday.

In the meantime, please continue to spread the word.  Ask your friends and co-workers if they know about the case.  Post these updates and videos on social media.  Check out some of the background documents on the case--contained on this site--if you haven't seen them before.

And if you live in DC and haven't yet done so, please give a call to Mayor Gray to remind him that the city should use public resources to serve the community, not for-profit developers.  If you've already called him, try Council President Mendelson, your ward councilor, or the at-large councilors.  All of their numbers--along with talking points--are in the Take Action section of this site.

Thank you!

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