Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Update: Franklin Trial, Day Two

It was a packed second day of the Franklin Shelter trial today.  The defense gave an opening statement, and the jury heard testimony from several prosecution witnesses.  Earlier in the day, there was also extensive discussion of whether the defense could present part of its legal theory--which, we're sad to say, the judge did not allow.  But we trust that the defense has plenty more to argue!

Trial resumes Wendesday at 11:00 am once again, in room #112.

Supporters will also be FLYERING once again outside the Franklin Shelter, at 13th and K Streets NW at 8:30 am and 1:00 pm.  This political outreach went well today, and we hope that you'll join us to continue it.

An important note:  Now that the jury is in the courtroom, it's really important to be on careful behavior. If supporters are talking, or getting up and coming and going a lot, it can distract or annoy jurors.  That can hurt the defendants.

Also note that court security got very strict this afternoon about keeping phones turned off in the courtroom.  They were also very concerned about tweeting in the courtroom--we ask that supporters, like us, only tweet when outside the courtroom.  Texting or typing on a phone--or even looking at one for the time--is not allowed and may get you thrown out of the courtroom.  Frustrating as this is, we ask that everyone roll with it to prevent disruptions and keep the focus where it should be--on the defendants whose freedom is at risk.

Finally, we continue to ask that you go to the Take Action page and contact the Mayor and your Councilmembers.  They may have been a bit, er...distracted by some other drama in city government today--but we need to remind them that issues around Franklin and the use of public property will not disappear so long as there is massive need in the city alongside unused and misused resources.

We also urge you to check out and support a campaign by the good people at ONE DC around the use of Parcel 42, another piece of publicly-owned land.  See their petition at http://tinyurl.com/Parcel42petition.

Thank you!  As alway, please re-post and share this update and other materials, and follow us on Twitter at FreeFranklinDC.

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